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Montana Foam Boats was launched after years of using foam boats and wanting a few more as back ups and for fishing guests to use. None could be found similar to the ones that were bought and used over 40 years ago.

After doing much research over a number of years I found the perfect foam necessary to make these wonderful one person watercrafts. I built a few, and they work just as well as the original ones. They are easy to use, float even under strong weather conditions and when properly taken care of these boats will last for many many years.

We use a very tough and lightweight outdoor foam in the production of Montana Foam Boats. There are many foam types available but we found what we consider the most durable, lightweight and break resistance foam available at a great price.

These very lightweight and are one piece boats. The standard size is 72"L x 42"W x 10"D. A smaller version will fit in the back of an SUV comes in 60"L x 38"W x 10"D.

I have personally used both sizes in small ponds and large lakes under calm and windy conditions. I felt completely secure and concentrated on the fishing NOT on the boat!


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